Residential Internet

Get high speed Internet for your home.

SnapPhone gives you the power to connect and save money. It provides the features of traditional residential phone service plus all of the latest features you need to be more productive.

Only $20.00/month*

Keep your current phone number

Free number transfer from your existing provider.

Unlimited Domestic Long Distance

Call anywhere in the U.S. at no additional cost. Save your mobile plan minutes for when you really need them.


Free Multi-Ring

Rings the phones in your home as well as your mobile device with a single phone number, allowing you to reduce mobile minute usage when you are home


SnapPhone Messaging

Automatically have your voicemail messages delivered to you via email.


Phone Features

SnapPhone also comes with many standard phone features including call waiting, caller ID with name, 3-way calling, last call return and auto redial.


SnapPhone includes 911 Services

e911 immediately sends your phone number and home address to emergency service personnel.

Contact us at (870) 292-4733 or email us to learn more.

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*Price does not include $2.99 rental fee or applicable taxes.