Affordable Internet Service

We provide everything you need in one affordable service plan. No data caps or overage fees ever! Ditch your current Internet Service Provider and switch to Premier today!

Month-to-Month Service

No annual contract for internet service – Premier’s service is prepaid, so you aren’t tied to an annual contract.

Ultra Fast and Unlimited Data

Stream TV shows, movies, videos, game in real time and listen to music without the long buffering. We aim to be the best Internet Service Provider in the regions we serve with our technology and support.

Plan and Price

Everything you need in one plan with a ridiculously low price. Includes everything you need to surf the web, stream TV and movies and connect all of your internet devices.



With self-installation you can get connected in about 10 minutes—whenever you want.

Get ready

We’ll ship your equipment, cables and easy instructions.

Plug in

Place internet gateway near a window. The ethernet cable connects your gateway to your computer. No added tools required.

Power On

Once modem is powered on search and connect to your wireless network on your PC then enter the password located on the outside of the modem unit and you’re good to go.

Help is always here.

Informative and time-saving guides,
videos, blogs and articles to help you
solve virtually any internet connection
issue you have—all online and
available 24/7.

Just getting fired up over High Speed Broadband?

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