Top Shows to Watch on Hulu

Top Shows to Watch on Hulu

You have a Hulu subscription and a high-speed internet service. Now you’re ready to go. There’s just one problem. You aren’t sure what the top shows are. Check out some of the best shows on Hulu. Then, you’ll be ready to lock yourself up at home for the weekend while you tackle some amazing television. If you don’t have a high-speed internet service Premier Broadband is the right choice as the most reliable, affordable, and fastest Hope Arkansas Internet Provider. 

“The Path”

It turns out that religious cults aren’t the warm and fuzzy communes of your dreams. “The Path” is full of thrills and drama as cult member Eddie (Aaron Paul) questions his faith while the government investigates his cult. Expect to go on an emotional roller coaster with this existing show.

“Sons of Anarchy”

On the surface, “Sons of Anarchy” is just a show about a motorcycle gang, but it is so much more. The show is about balancing a life of crime with fatherhood, just as it is about coming into your own as an adult when you have an overbearing mother and a father with a confusing legacy. It’s also about how far you will go to protect what is yours. Don’t worry, though. It doesn’t go soft, even when it navigates some tough issues. Violence and drama truly collide in this heart-pounding show. It’s the type of drama and violence that will stay with you well after you turn Hulu off for the night.


It’s the show that started the reality TV competition phenomenon, and it is still running strong after all of these years. If you’re late to the game, you can begin where it all started with season 1, or you can catch up on some of the recent seasons. You will see backstabbing, lies, truces, and more in this reality show with more twists and drama that you’ll find in most scripted shows. Don’t be surprised if you knock out an entire season in one weekend. It really is that good.

“Arrested Development”

If you think that your family is bad, it’s time to watch “Arrested Development.” This show follows the Bluth family, a clan filled with unique personalities and enough narcissism to go around. Michael (Jason Bateman) spends his days trying to control his three siblings and parents while working to get his family back on track financially. By the time you finish binge-watching this gem, you’ll want to kiss your mother and tell her that she isn’t overbearing after all.

“Battlestar Galactica”

Few shows are quite as addictive as “Battlestar Galactica.” The sci-fi show focuses on all of the big concepts of life, ranging from good versus evil to religion versus science. Oh, and there are aliens, too, plus enough twists to make you continue to say, “Just one more episode” well into the night.

The best shows are always even better with stable internet service. Your Hope Arkansas, internet provider will keep your streaming speeds fast so you won’t have to pause the action. Then, you can find out what happens next on your favorite shows without dealing with annoying buffering. That will ensure that you have the best time when you tune into Hulu.

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