Affordable Internet Service

We provide everything you need in one of these affordable service plans. No data caps or overage fees ever!

Month-to-Month Service

No annual contract for internet service – Premier’s service is prepaid, so you aren’t tied to an annual contract.

Ultra Fast and Unlimited Data

Connect all of your business PC’s, devices, make internet phone calls without lags or data overages.

Plans and Pricing

Get service priority and more speed with our business plan.

Professional Installation

With professional installation you can sit back and relax. Our certified contractors will install all of the equipment and make sure everything is working properly before you sign off on the service. Your business is going to fly with Premier’s business wireless broadband internet.

Get ready

We’ll ship your equipment, and schedule your professional installation.

Professional Installation

Our certified installation partner will install the wireless antenna and configure the WiFi router included with the service and setup one device.

Get Connected

Once the wireless antenna is installed and the modem is configured you can connect all of your devices to your high-speed wireless business broadband internet.

Help is always here.

Informative and time-saving guides,
videos, blogs and articles to help you
solve virtually any internet connection
issue you have—all online and
available 24/7.

Just getting fired up over High Speed Internet?