If you order items off Amazon, you’ve likely been invited to join Amazon Prime. Amazon entices you with a free trial to try out the service, and once the trial is up, you can stay on for $99 a year or $10.99 a month. Before you dive in and commit to Amazon Prime, you need to learn more about it, such as what is involved and how it will work with your Hempstead County internet service.

Free Shipping – Amazon Prime’s Bread and Butter

Amazon Prime has built its reputation around its free shipping offer. You can get free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items. In addition, Amazon is rolling out free same-day delivery. Currently, this service is only available in 29 major cities, and it hasn’t made its way to Hempstead County yet. Keep an eye out, though, since it might be coming to Arkansas in the near future.

Along with free shipping, Prime members get discounted shipping on expedited orders. If you forget to buy a birthday gift until the last minute, you can expedite it with Prime without having to pay a huge shipping fee.

In addition, members get free release-date delivery. Simply pre-order a movie, game, or another item, and then it will be waiting for you at home on the release date. That beats standing in a long line on the day an item is released.

Free Movies and Music

Free shipping is great, but you want to have access to entertainment, as well, and you’ll get it with your Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime provides members with movies and TV shows via Prime Video. Just log into the Amazon app, and you can stream the videos using your Hempstead County internet service. This service is fast, so expect buffer-free streaming.

You’ll also get access to over 2 million songs. Play the songs directly from your computer or listen to them on your mobile device while you’re on the go.

Twitch Prime

If you’re a gamer, you’re probably familiar with Twitch. What you might not realize is you’ll get a free Twitch Prime membership as part of the Amazon Prime package. Enjoy ad-free viewing, free in-game loot, and more with this membership. You also receive a free Twitch channel subscription. This renews every month, and you can use it on any channel that you want. In addition, your Twitch Prime membership will provide you with exclusive savings on a wide variety of games. Just order the games, and they’ll be shipped to your home.

Free Books and Magazines

After you watch movies, listen to music, and play video games, you might be ready to kick back with a book or magazine. You can do so with Amazon Prime. It comes with Prime Reading, which features countless free books and magazines. Just connect your Kindle to your Hempstead County internet service to read on the go or download the Kindle app to your computer or laptop. Then, you can get your books and magazines delivered directly to your device.

Amazon Prime is a popular service for a good reason. While it does cost $99 a year, it comes with a lot of money-saving services. Plus, it works great with high-speed internet. Once your internet connection is in place, you can open your world up to free shipping and lots of exciting digital and physical items.

Hempstead County Internet Service

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