Affordable and High Speed
Broadband Internet for Everyone.

Simple Setup

Our equipment doesn’t require tools. Just plugin and place near a window.

Ultra Fast and Unlimited Data

Watch movies and videos, game in real time, listen to music and catch up with friends on social media with a streaming-fast connection.

Month-to-Month Service

No annual contract for internet service – Premier’s service is prepaid, so you aren’t tied to an annual contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the service not listed here? Send us a message and we will be glad to answer you.

How do I get started?
Getting started is easy. Start by confirming your address is in our coverage area. Once confirmed pre-pay for your service and we will send you a internet gateway that will provide internet to your home or business.
Are there any data caps or limits?
Our plans offer unlimited data with no data caps or limits. Now you can surf the web or stream without limits.
Where do I check your coverage area?
Click the Coverge menu located at the top of the page and follow the steps to see if you are in our coverage area.
How is the service delivered?

Once your order is placed you will receive a self-installation package from us by mail with everything you need to get connected. Outdoor coverage installation is provided by one of our certified partners.

Does your service support streaming TV and video?
Absolutely we support streaming media including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Video and more!
Do I need a wireless router?
A wireless router is built-in the internet gateway you will receive from us to connect all of your devices wirelessly.

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It is not every day that one finds a service provider that consistently gets things RIGHT. All of my internet enabled devices connect to the network with easy with blazing fast speeds.

Dan C.

Hog Wash Super Laundry

We had HughesNet for ages and were completely unhappy with it. We switched to Premier and have never looked back. We are much much happier!

Mike K.

Hope, AR

I was a little skeptical at first, but love it. Much faster than my At&t DSL and less expensive also. I have had a great experience so far.

Donna C.

Hope, AR

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